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Dan Graham Glass Pavillon


Dan Graham Glass Pavillion

realized by Johanne Nalbach 1999

KW Institute for Contemporary Art has settled in an old margarine factory, which features the courtyard Café Bravo, based on an idea of American artist Dan Graham and realized with the Architect Johanne Nalbach, opening in September 1999. The court, ringed by classicist facades, is dominated by a construction of shimmering greenish-silver, mirrored glass, and highly polished steel. 

The steel skeleton was prefabricated off-site and lifted in by crane.


The structure´s visual effects are stunning: day or night, the facade reflects its surroundings, its glass melting and blending into steel. The composition, hastily sketched by the artist and faxed to Berlin, is a work of art in itself, knowing how to confuse, distract and delight the senses with distorted, mirrored, refracted images. 

The pavillion consists of two square cubes projecting from a gap in the court, with a jagged facade presented to visitors. The whole body appears at times as transparent, and at others as a mirror.

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